Titisclothing Bio

TitisClothing is the brainchild of Irene, Minuca and MªÁngeles Carreño, three sisters united in their passion for fashion design and well-done work. Their professional background is in graphic design and illustration art. They always dreamed of building together something creative and attractive.

From the moment they started TitisClothing, they can`t stop creating and designing their contemporary urban fashion collections with retro pop touches, forgetting all stereotypes. Everything comes from the team’s, brainstorming sessions, and they face every new collection as if it was the first one.

Their main source of inspiration is Nature, which takes form in their countryside “House for Three Sisters”, their special place where they blend fabrics, prototypes and ideas that are intertwined with the vineyards, orchards and mountains of the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

Part of the charm of the brand is in the accessories and details that complement each new collection, which they design and create with the same affection and devotion as their clothing pieces. Espadrille sandals made by local craftmakers, accessories that delicately blend with their garments, and the new HOME line, featuring designs for contemporary homes.

They work creating fruitful synergies with other designers, creative and enthusiastic people who can provide innovative ideas and a nice flow at work, one that is mutually enriching.

Their main goal is to position their brand as an exclusive alternative option to mainstream clothing stores. Titisclothing is a brand that offers a warm, personalized treatment to its customers.

Titisclothing has participated in the best Tradeshows in Europe, including Bread&Butter, Who’s Next, MoMad, Metropolis, Modefabriek, etc.

In April 2014, Titisclothing opens its first physical store in Murcia, their flagship store, which launches a new phase of expansion for the brand.




Life experiences put to work in order to create a world that condenses our tastes and idea of the contemporary woman.

Murcia [Spain]. Established 2005.

The history of TitisClothing is that of the quality products that we create.

Starting with a dream, an illusion…

The dream of creating a new clothing and accessories brand that is truly different and original, which is inspired by all that is interesting and appealing to us, beyond fashions.

Nature, People, the Mediterranean, and so many other small things that are our constant sources of inspiration, and which are materialized into designs bursting with color and luminosity that project a positive outlook full of vitality and optimism.

Quality clothes that make each woman feel special and unique, and which turn the act of dressing up each morning into a moment of joy and illusion in which to decide how to face the day.

In TitisClothing, we believe in a positive thinking, full of strength and optimism.

Nuestros orígenes beben de las fuentes de la sabiduría popular y por ello colaboramos con artesanos en proyectos locales que refuerzan nuestra identidad.

We create our clothes for the modern woman who dresses according to her own taste, who knows how to choose her own way, who takes command of her look, without losing sight of current fashion trends.

Old traditions and wisdom are major sources of inspiration for us, as we collaborate with local craftsmen and artisans who help us strengthen our identity, which is deeply rooted in the land.

In TitisClothing, we believe in a positive, optimistic, strong yet feminine woman.

We never stop until we make sure that we have created a high quality product that will satisfy our customers needs.

Our work philosophy would be pointless if not backed up by beautiful products that epitomize our values and pass our strict quality controls. Controls that are maintained in place until the final purchase of our products, turning the act of shopping into a joyous and satisfying experience in which our customers get not just a beautiful product, but also an illusion.

TitisClothing is not just a brand, but also a big family, and this really shows in our direct and warm approach to work, because we believe in creating quality products that meet the high standards that our customers deserve.

All of the above can be summarized in our inspiring motto: “Put your heart in all you do”.